Laboratoris Feltor was founded in 1981

Originally based in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), it was initially focused on: Developing a cosmetics line for mothers and children for a prestigious international company and creating a “sports cosmetics” line in partnership with a major sports industry company.

Our specialities

The quality of the products and the will of service are the support which hold up the evolution of the company which has the strong purpose to continue taking part in the present and future technical development of our area.




Insect Repellent




Medical Devices



ANJAC Health & Beauty is a French family-owned industrial group and the partner of health laboratories, beauty and wellness brands.

We create and manufacture, from the raw materials to the finished products. ANJAC is made up of 15 experts, autonomous, and complementary companies with 15 R&D Labs and 22 Production Sites in France, Spain, USA and Canada: Aircos, Apollo, Chemineau, Cosmetix West, Eurowipes, Feltor, Innovi, LPEV, Pascual Cosmétiques, Pillar5 Pharma, Roval Cosmétiques, Shadeline, Sicaf and Stephid. We have made innovation the heart of our model with 110+ researchers, our ongoing investments in technology, products and research, and our plant-based expertise. This allows us to offer our customers bespoke services and turnkey products.


Laboratoris Feltor is ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22716 (GMP’s Cosmetic), ISO 13485 certified, and meets GMP’s standards for pharmaceutical laboratories. These regulations are not simply a means of compliance, but form an integral part of our business management philosophy.
We can also manufacture cosmetic products under the Cosmos Natural and Cosmos Organic certification.

The scope of the management system is the design and the manufacturing of cosmetic products, perfumery, dermopharmaceutical products, personal use insecticides, pharmaceutical specialties for topical use and medical devices.

You can consult our integrated policy of quality, environment and prevention by making the request through email:

Contract manufacturing