Laboratoris FELTOR joins the ANJAC Industrial Group

Feb 18, 2019 | News

The Catalan company Laboratoris FELTOR has become part of the ANJAC Health & Beauty industrial group specialized in the manufacture and packaging of cosmetics, medical devices, medicines and food supplements.

The French group ANJAC chaired by Mr. Aurélien Chaufour currently has 10 companies with a turnover of € 250M and 1500 employees.

The founder of Laboratoris FELTOR Salvador Torras, remains as President and CEO of the company and holds 10% of its shares. The Steering Committee, the entire management team and the current staff of collaborators also continue.

Laboratoris FELTOR was founded in 1981, moving its facilities in Sant Celoni in 1990, where it has consolidated its business growth by contributing social wealth to its environment.

Laboratoris FELTOR is a leading company in the Contract Manufacturing sector in pharmaceutical specialties for topical use, cosmetics, sanitary products and biocides.

With this operation Laboratoris FELTOR ensures even more its future continuity and energizes internalization process.

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